Using the Unix/Linux Session Player

The Unix/Linux Session Player allows you to replay recorded Unix user sessions. The Session Player is launched in a separate browser window, when a user clicks the Video or icon next to a Unix session recording in the Activity View of the Endpoint Diary or User Diary.

When the Anonymization mode is enabled in the current session, the Unix Session Player does not display any output. The text No output as session is anonymized is displayed. For details, see Protecting the Privacy of Users (Anonymization).

The Unix Session Player supports multiple languages and font colors. The administrator who replays the session will see the session exactly as it appeared to the user who logged in to the server.

Unicode UTF8 and standard ASCII character encoding are supported for the recording and replaying of Unix sessions.

  • You can click the icon to show the User Activities List which displays text files of all the user input commands and system calls that were generated during the recorded session. To hide the User Activities List, click .

  • At the top right of the User Activities List, click to view more details about each action in the session. Extended information includes the Application/Website column and the full text of the details column. Click to close the extended information pane.

  • The Unix Session Player plays the recorded session starting from the first frame (text file), and throughout the entire recording until it reaches the last frame. You can also click on an "activity" in the list to play the recorded session directly from that point onwards. You can stop/resume the play at any point by clicking the Pause/Resume button.

  • A "live" Unix session is automatically replayed starting from the last frame (that is, the point where you clicked the Video icon). You can change the order of playback to start from the beginning by clicking the button.

    • The VCR-like buttons, in the lower part of the Session Player, enable you to quickly pause, resume, rewind, or fast forward, the playing of the frames. The functions of these buttons are as follows (from left to right):

    • Play the session from the beginning (first frame)

    • Rewind to the previous user activity

    • Rewind to the previous frame

    • Pause/Resume play

    • Forward to the next frame

    • Forward to the next user activity

Viewing Activity Alerts in a Session Replay

  • While replaying a recorded session, you can watch the session video for activity alerts. If any alerts occurred on the session, an alert indication is displayed on the timeline bar and also on the user activity (in the User Activities List) that triggered the alert. You can click the Bell icon in the lower right part of the Session Player to show or hide the display of the details for each alert. For further details, see Viewing Alert Indications in the Web Console.

Unix Session Player Additional Features

  • The timeline bar above the VCR-like buttons shows the replay progress, also indicating the current frame's activity and the time it was recorded. You can click the bar to jump directly to a specific frame.
  • The Speed slider enables you to speed up or down the session playback.
  • The icons in the lower right part of the Session Player enable you to zoom in and zoom out of the current frame to enlarge or reduce the displayed text.
  • By clicking the icon in the lower right part of the Session Player, you can export the Unix session output to a text file for offline usage. (See Saving Sessions for Offline Viewing .