Saving Sessions for Offline Viewing

This topic describes how to save recorded ITM On-Prem (ObserveIT) sessions to view them offline.

Saving sessions for offline viewing is particularly useful when the person who is viewing the recording does not have access permissions or the possibility to use the online Session Player. Saved sessions can be viewed by anyone with access to the file containing the saved session. After a recorded session is saved, it becomes available for downloading.

Windows and Mac sessions are saved as .ZIP files to a directory and you can view the session's slides. Unix/Linux sessions are exported to a text file.

Saving sessions for training purposes is not supported in this version of the product. If it is essential that your system is configured to save sessions for training purposes, contact Proofpoint support at 

Saving sessions for offline viewing does not affect the actual saved session; the data is still retained in the ITM On-Prem (ObserveIT) Database.