Securing the Privacy of Session Replay

ITM On-Prem (ObserveIT) is designed to allow Console Users proper roles and permissions to replay any session for which they have permissions. However, some customers may require additional replay security measures in order to protect the privacy of the recorded sessions.

The Session Replay Privacy Protection option allows customers to assign a master password that must be entered each time that a Console User wants to replay sessions. When this option is enabled, each time a Console User wants to replay a recorded session, a lock icon appears next to the Video replay icon in the Endpoint/User Diary. When the Video icon is clicked, a message will appear prompting the user to enter the Session Replay Privacy Protection password.

The Console User must enter the correct password, and click OK. If required, the user can select the Remember this password until I log out check box, to prevent the need to re-enter the password for each session they want to replay.

Note the following:

  • If privacy is important, make sure that the Console User logs out of the Web Console after replaying the required sessions.

  • The password is not required for making changes to the ITM On-Prem (ObserveIT) configuration settings. However, if the client wants to remove Session Replay Privacy Protection, they will also need to know the master password. This is in order to prevent the client's Console Users with Admin role permissions from temporarily disabling Session Replay Privacy Protection without the proper authorization.

Session Replay Privacy Protection also applies to Saved Sessions and Reports.

To enable Session Replay Privacy Protection

  1. Navigate to the ConfigurationSecurity & Privacy > Security & Privacy > Session Privacy tab.

  2. Select Enable Session Replay Privacy Protection.

  3. Enter the Session Replay Privacy password twice to confirm, and then click the Save button.

    After the correct password has been entered, you can disable Session Replay Privacy Protection or change the password.

To disable Session Replay Privacy protection and/or change the password

  1. In the Session Privacy tab, enter the Session Replay Privacy password, and click the Unlock button.

  2. Deselect Enable Session Replay Privacy Protection.

  3. Enter and confirm the new password, as required.

  4. Click the Save button.