Message Report Configuration

This topic describes the metadata that you can select to include in a report about messages that were displayed on monitored Windows or Mac endpoints (see Report Types). Messages can be used to track user sessions and their interaction with the desktop. Having proof that a user was presented with and acknowledged a message is useful for auditing and security purposes. For details, see Managing Messages.

For detailed instructions on the steps required to create a report, see Creating a Custom Report.

When creating aMessages type report, you can specify types of columns for:

Type Column Description
Message Subject of the message Message Name

Message Text

Text content of the message

Posted By

User who posted the message

Expiration Date

Message expiration date

Is Mandatory

Whether or not a mandatory reply is configured for the message

Block Wait Secs

Number of seconds configured for user to respond to a blocked message

Show Only One Time

Message is displayed once only

Is blockable

Whether or not the message is configured to block the screen

Reply Validation URL

URL to the acknowledged reply

Reply Date

Date (from server) of the message reply

Reply Date (local endpoint time)

Date (from local endpoint) of the message reply


Message was acknowledged

Ticket Reply

Reply to a ticket request

Acknowledge Date

Date (from server) the message was acknowledged

Acknowledge Date (local endpoint time)

Date (from local endpoint) the message was acknowledged

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