User Report Configuration

This topic describes the metadata that you can select to be included in a Users type report on monitored Windows, Mac, or Unix-based endpoints (see Report Types).

For detailed instructions on the steps required to create a report, see Creating a Custom Report.

When creating an Users type report, you can specify types of columns for:

Type Column Description


Login Name

If secondary user authentication is in use, the login name comprises the user login account name and the user name. For example: admin\john

If secondary user authentication is not in use, the login name is the user account name (optionally, including a domain) with which the user logged in. For example, admin or john

User Name (Windows endpoints only)

Secondary authentication user name.

Domain Name

User domain name.

User Authentication (Windows endpoints only)

Secondary authentication user.

User Identity (Windows endpoints only)

Identity of the user - either the secondary authentication user name or the user login name.

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