Email Activity Report Configuration

This topic describes the metadata that you can select to be included in an Email Activity type report (see Report Types).

For detailed instructions on the steps required to create a report, see Creating a Custom Report.

When creating an Email Activity type report, you can specify types of columns for:

Type Column Description
Email Activity Email Time (adjusted with offset)  
Email Time Offset (in min)  
Sender Domain Domain of the sender.
Email Bcc Bcc recipients.
Email has attachments Indication whether email has attachments.
All Email attachments name and size All email attachments by name with file size.
Email Session Date Date of email session.
Email From Email sender from From field
Email To Email recipients from To field
Email Subject Email subject from Subject field
Total number of attachments in Email Number of attachments to the email.
Email client used Name of the email client used to send email.
Email Time (UTC)  
Sender Name Sender name as it appears in the email.
Email Cc Recipients in the Cc field.
All recipients within trusted domains All email recipients with an email domain that is listed as trutsted.
Email attachments total file size Total size of all the attachments to an email.


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