Types of Data You Can Search For

You can search for different types of data from the Search tab of the Web Management Console.

Focusing Your Search

The options in the Search within drop-down list are nested. You can close or open nested options by clicking on the . The "All" options filter the search for all lower nested options. For example, selecting "All file activities" will search the metadata of all file activities. Selecting "All file copy or move" will search the metadata of all file copy or move activities both large and non-large, as well as "File copy or move to cloud storage". Selecting "File upload" will limit the search to the metadata of file upload activities only and exclude all other activities.

The options enable you to focus your search on the following metadata attributes:

  • All fields: If you select this option, the search will be run on all the field types in the list. Note that this option is not recommended as the search process could take a very long time.

  • All common fields: This option enables you to search on the most commonly used configuration fields; thus accelerating the search process.
    Common configuration fields include:
    • In-App Element

    • Application name

    • Window title

    • URL

    • Website name

    • Process name

    • Command name (Unix)

    • Message/Ticket details

    • Comment text

Following is an example of the results of a search (during the last 3 days) for the text "alert" when using the All common fields option:

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