Proofpoint | ObserveIT On-Premises Release Notes version 7.15.1

Version 7.15.1

This document provides information about new features, issues that were discovered and fixed since the previous release, and any limitations of the release. It is important that you read this document before you install and configure this version.

For information about how to install and upgrade, see:

For all Mac Agents - Any Mac Agent upgraded from a version earlier than 7.15.1 to 7.15.1 (or any future versions) requires uninstalling the prior version and Profile (ObserveIT signature) before installing the new version.

This version includes security fixes and new features

New Features and Enhancements

Group Managed Service Accounts Support

Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA) is now supported for the Application server, Website Categorization, Web Console and Screenshot Storage Optimizer.

The following document is an extension of the ITM installation process and focuses on setting Group Managed Service Accounts and permissions for each of ITM components to improve the security in your ITM environment.

For more information, see ITM Windows Install using gMSA Account.

macOS Sonoma Support

From version 7.15.1, macOS Sonoma is supported.

When upgrading from a version older than 7.15.1 to 7.15.1 or higher, you must do the following:

  1. Uninstall the Mac Agent.

  2. Remove the current configuration profile.

  3. Upload the new IT View Configuration Profile file.

  4. Install the new Mac Agent.

Passive Mode for Mac Agents

Passive Mode is now supported for Mac Agents from the Web Management Console. Passive mode allows agent monitoring passively, receiving events in conjunction with the application as opposed to actively which intercepts events before OS. Passive Mode is enabled in the System Policy under mac Default Recording policy

Updated Support

Microsoft SQL server 2012 Native client upgraded to OLE adapter that includes:

  • Microsoft OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server

  • Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 upgraded to Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2022

The following are no longer supported:

  • Kali Linux 22.1

  • Linux Mint 20.3

  • AIX 7.2

  • 11.0 Big Sur

  • Solaris 10 & 11

Resolved Issues

[Issue 1037, 1029]: An issue was fixed in which a pop-up was displayed every 5 minutes for a very short time on endpoints. This occurred mainly in clean installation for users who did not have a Mac Agent installed before upgrading to Sonoma 14.2.

[Issue 967]: Improved application test file system writing.

[Issue 944]: Slowness issue during page loading of Endpoint/User Diary screens, as fixed in previous Hot Fix, was further enhanced in this version.

[Issue 973]: Incorrect uninstalled Agent count under Admin Dashboard is now fixed.

[Issue 505, 670]: Changed Agent JWT maximum expiration days to 999 to resolve .SendInventoryAndInstalledSotware error on the log.

[Issue 960]: Fixed Exception at CalculateTotalSUserIDytesRecursive in the scenario of writing the number of chunks in Hot folder.

[Issue 983]: When upgrading Archive Only version from 7.12.0 to 7.14.1, the SQL executor now recognizes archived database on 7.12.0 properly.

[Issue 978]: Fixed issue with false system events.

[Issue 919]: The issue of Ticketing Dialog Box closing itself without asking for ticket number has been resolved.

[Issue 969]: Fixed forcing application closure feature on macOS Ventura.

[Issue 916]: Fixed date formats of Since/Until parameters to report service when getting Alert information.