Mac Agent Deployment Overview

This topic describes Mac Agent deployment methods and prerequisites.

Before deploying review what you need to know, see What You Need to Know about Mac Agent Setup.

Deployment Methods

From version 7.12.0, before deploying, you must download the script file with authentication details. For Mac Agent Interactive Deployment, download the JWT script (settings.json).For Profile Configuration Files, download the preinstall script ( These scripts are downloaded from the Web Console, ConfigurationSettingsService Settings.
The downloaded file will be valid for the specified number of days. When the file expires, it cannot be used for additional installations. Make sure the file will not expire before you have time to complete the installation. It is suggested that you set the number of days to 180. For security reasons, after successful installation, it is recommended that you remove the file.
(See Configuring Service Settings.)

Supported Versions

For details, see Mac Agent in Supported Platforms.

For information about security and privacy configuration settings, see Mac Agent Security and Privacy Settings.

For details about components, see Mac Agent Components.