Defining Email Notification Recipients for Exposure Requests

Web Console users can define recipients (Privacy Officers) that will be notified via email regarding any new user exposure requests. You can configure multiple email recipients.

After an exposure request is approved, the user ("requester") will receive an email notification about the approved request; to view information about the risky user, the requester must log in again.

To define the Privacy Officers who will receive email notifications following new user exposure requests

  1. Navigate to the Privacy Officer Email section of the Anonymization page (Configuration > Security & Privacy Security & Privacy > Anonymization).

  2. In the Email address field, type an email address, and click Add. Repeat the above step for each email address to which you want to send an email notification when a user exposure request is made.

  3. To remove an email address, select the check box of the email address you want to remove, and click Remove.

  4. Click Save to save your settings.

    Example of email notification to a Privacy Officer for a Pending request

    Example of email notification to a requester about an Approved request

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