What's New

Release Notes for version 7.16.0 can be found here.

New Features and Enhancements

New Severity Level

A new severity level, Info is now available. This level provides administrators with an informational severity that does not affect the user risk score. The color assigned to this new severity is a black outline with a white fill color.

See Colored Severity Levels and Icons

New Console User Roles

The following user roles have been added to address special requirements for some customers:

Special Role A 

This role is similar to the Admin Role. Like Admin users, a user with this role can make changes to the ITM On-Prem (ObserveIT) configuration and is allowed to view all session recordings. Unlike Admin, a user with this role does not have access to:

  • Configuration > User Management

  • Configuration > Archive > Storage Management

  • Configuration > Settings

Special Role B

This role is similar to the Alert Analyst Role. In addition, a user with this role has access to:

  • Configuration > Endpoint Management > Recording Policies

See Creating and Managing Local Console Users

Updated Support

  • . NET upgraded to .NET 8.05 from .NET 6.x. This is the first version with .NET 8.x.

    .NET 6 will be end of life (EOD) in November 2024.

  • Node .js upgraded to version 20.13.1

Longer MIP Tenant Identifier Name Supported

Tenant Identifier Name has been modified to support 50 characters instead of 12. (Related to Issue 1087.)

Debugging Support on New QRadar Connector

The ability to enable/disable debugging was added to the new QRadar connector. (Related to Issue 1098.)