What's New

Release Notes for version 7.15.2 can be found here.

New Features and Enhancements

Image Security on Application Server

Previously, the incorrect  EFS certificate could be selected when more than one EFS certificate was created with the same Subject value. To resolve this, from version 7.15.2, the certificate is read by serial number, and the Friendly name displays in the UI. (This feature resolves Issue 976.)

For more information about securing images, see Securing Images on the File System .

Updated Support

  • Windows 11 23H2 is now supported

  • . NET Core upgraded to 6.0.25

  • Screenshot Storage: 7.15.2 is the last version allowing screenshot storage on SQL Server database. From version 7.15.3, screenshot storage will be allowed on file-systems only.

Native Support for M-series Processors

Added native support for M-series processors (ARM architecture) on Mac Agents for improved performance. Rosetta installation is no longer required.

Load Balancer Enhancement

To improve Load Balancing, now you can provide the URL for Web Console with High Availability (HA) in addition to the and Application Server with HA in the Load Balancer area of Configuration > Security & Privacy > Security & PrivacySecurity tab.

See Securing the Load Balancer